Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Will All Window Tint Turn Purple?

That's an issue we might prefer to clarify. Window tint could be a good way to safeguard your vehicle and it will improve the design of any automotive. Some folks sort of a lightweight tint whereas others sort of a darker tint, however no one likes purple window tint. thus however am i able to make sure the film i select will not flip purple?

All window film with 3 exceptions is built exploitation clear layers of polyester with dye, metal, carbon or alternative material else between the layers and laminated along. The exceptions ar 3m atomic number 55 window film "Carbon", crystalline window film, or a non-laminated single layer window film.

So what is the distinction and why is it thus important?

All unreal window tint can fade with time. Some take longer and a few of today's dyes have a extremely smart life. Generation three dyes ar the longest enduring with generation one dyes being the worst. however there ar alternative necessary factors in however long the dyes can last. the latest method of unreal color stabilization forces the dyes into the polyester so retardation down attenuation. actinic radiation inhibitors additionally play an enormous appear color stability. 3m is one amongst the sole corporations within the world to feature the actinic radiation substance within the adhesive, serving to to enhance the lifetime of the film. Still with all this technology the dies can still fade or flip purple with time. Adding a metal to the film makes it a metal hybrid film {and will|and will} add heat rejection and life to the film however adding metals can cause interference to some automotive physics and cell phones.

So what film's will not flip purple?

*You will select from AN all metal film "mirror", Carbon, Ceramic, or 3m crystalline window tint.

So what ar the differences?

*An all metal style has among the best heat rejection and none of them can ever flip purple. many folks do not like mirror window tint and it's felonious in some states.

*Carbon window tint is formed of carbon fibers that may ne'er flip purple and features a terribly high heat rejection attributable to it's ability to dam around five hundredth of the infer red lightweight that causes most of the warmth you are feeling. This film will still fade to a brown color however appearance far better than purple and customarily takes a really durable to fade. 3m Carbon window tint mixes the carbon fibers into the liquid polyester film greatly retardation down attenuation. 3m is that the solely film within the world that will this because of a patent on this distinctive technology.

*Ceramic window tint is formed out of inorganic, non-metallic materials made of compounds of a metal and a non metal. it's typically stiff and does not shrink alright and might be terribly tough to put in. "Not for the inexperienced installer". 3m ceramic window tint is maybe one amongst the best to shrink because of many advances in ceramic window film technology.

*3m Crystalline window tint is that the most advanced window film on the market. Over 220 layers solely nano meters thick. The film is a smaller amount than the thickness of a notepaper note ANd has the best heat rejection on the market while not going with an all metal style. it's a ninety seven.5% infer red rejection that is that the highest on the market. though easier to shrink and install than ceramic film this film is additionally not for the inexperienced installer. To browse a lot of on Crystalline window film click here!

There ar several nice films on the market like 3m, Huper Optik, Llumar, Solargard and some others, though no alternative film company has the maximum amount technology in their window film as 3m.

Auto Dealership Management

The first time I came across the term  was in one of my college text books over 40 years ago. Admittedly, I felt the author was attempting humor to describe an unprofessional approach to managing a business and communicating with company associates. Little did I realize at the time, that this would be the most important management tool I would use in my career as a dealership manager and owner.

Employee turnover has plagued the automobile industry for decades. Many articles have been written relative to poor hiring practices in dealerships as the primary reason for high turnover rates. Although typically, dealership hiring managers have little or no formal training in interviewing and hiring techniques, I believe there are more underlying causes to turnover than simply bad hiring. First and foremost, initial and ongoing training are essential to every position in the dealership. Lack of training is certainly a major contributor to poor performance and turnover. However, usually, the number one reason given in exit interviews for an employee's departure is lack of care and concern by management. This could have taken form when managers consistently do not show recognition for a job well done, or are not cognizant of an employees significant problems outside the workplace, or do not lead by example or simply just have never taken the time to find out more about the employee.

Management by wandering around refers to the practice of managers walking through the dealership on a random basis interfacing with employees, observing the facility and equipment, speaking with customers, inspecting processes and overall assessing every aspect of business. The emphasis is on the word wandering as an impromptu rather than expected visit. Although somewhat casual in nature, it is important that it is accomplished with specific guidelines:

1) It should be done as often as possible.It sends a very positive message to employees that the manager is involved in his/her business and is truly interested in the employees work and well-being. Furthermore, it sends a signal that the manager is not "too good" to spend time with them.

2) Ask questions, the most important of which might be "how can I assist you or what else to you need to do your job efficiently?" You must make sure that you will get back to them in a timely fashion with a response, regardless of the outcome of their request. This is best within 48 hours. Find out about their families or special interests outside of work. Be sure to listen carefully, take notes if necessary and tune into the tone of their replies.

3) If at all possible, try out their work. It will give you a lot more insight into the skill level needed by the employee to accomplish their jobs. It will also continue to demonstrate that you are not beyond doing the same tasks and put you on their level.

4) Share good news with them about the company. What better form of company communication is there than personal contact, especially when there is good news to announce.

5) Catch them in the act of doing something good. Most employees will expect that you are there to be critical. Look for victories rather than failures. Congratulating them on a job well done will obviously be a welcome surprise.

6) Do not be critical.

7) Do your MBWA alone. It is more powerful when a manager does this by themselves. It encourages more honest dialogue and speaks directly about your personal commitment to the idea.

8) Have fun. This is also a chance to lighten it up a little. Yes, you are human and they should know it. this will give you a chance to show your softer side without being disrespectful. It also shows employees that work can be fun and that you enjoy what you do.

In summary, when you make MBWA an ongoing daily practice, you will gain additional respect from your employees and customers. You will begin to see your business from different eyes, those of your employees. It will give you much greater insight into your business well as potentially get answers from them to issues that may have eluded you.

The author has been in the retail automotive business in dealership management and ownership for over 41 years including being the operating partner of Lexus of Tampa Bay and Lexus of Clearwater. He has a B.A. from Michigan State University, is a graduate of General Motors Institute Dealer School, was president of The Toledo Auto Dealers Association, president of the Ohio Car and Truck Rental and Leasing Association and former member of the Lexus Dealer Council. He currently owns one of the only electric car & truck dealerships in the country, Suncoast Electric Vehicles and also provides consulting to dealerships.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Avoid Hazards While Off-Roading

Off-roading can be a dangerous activity. Though off-roading vehicles are made to stand up against different types of terrain, that doesn't mean they are impervious to damage. Off-roading vehicles are just as susceptible to damage and unforeseen accidents as your normal street vehicle. This is because, though off-road vehicles are made stronger, the terrain they face is that much stronger as well. This presents an interesting challenge to off-road drivers: finding the most difficult terrain to traverse, while simultaneously avoiding damaging their vehicle.

More importantly, off-road drivers should always be looking for ways to avoid hazards while driving. Hazardous terrain or inadequate vehicle safety could not only damage your vehicle but could prove dangerous to the driver as well. Knowing how to spot different hazards while off-roading is just as important as driving. By being able to spot hazards you can ensure that your car won't be damaged and you can safely enjoy your day. But off-roading hazards are not only present in the terrain; they can also be present in your vehicle. By checking your vehicle before you go on any off-roading trips you can ensure that your vehicle will make it out of the trip in one piece. Read on to see some of the hazards you should avoid before and during off-roading:

Check Terrain

Before embarking on your next off-roading adventure it is important that you research the terrain that you will be driving on. By doing so you will be able to know, within reason, what to expect from your off-roading course. This will also allow you to understand if your vehicle can handle the terrain you are about to drive on. Different terrains pose different challenges to different vehicles and knowing your terrain will help you to avoid hazards that could potentially damage your vehicle.

It is also important to inspect the terrain you will be driving on for potential hazards. Research will only get you so far when you are familiarizing yourself with your terrain. Inspecting your terrain before driving will help you avoid hazards like large potholes or sharp rocks that could pop your tires. By inspecting the terrain you will be driving on you can avoid potential off-roading hazards that could sideline your vehicle and cause damage that may need expensive repairs to remedy.

Check Tires

The tires on your off-roading vehicle are very susceptible to damage. Hazards - like the ones mentioned above - can lead to a popped tire or damaged frames. Every off-roading vehicle is different and requires different tires. The same can be said of off-roading terrain, as every terrain is different and requires different tires and pressures.

As a rule of thumb, it is important to remember that the bigger the tire is, the better; as larger tires can grip terrain better. Another rule of thumb is to air down your tires while off-roading. The website suggests that you air down your tires for every type of terrain as this will help your tire handle better. Different terrains require different tire pressures, but every terrain requires that you air down your tires. It is important to note though that you should always keep your tires inflated while driving on normal roads again as tires with low pressure can be dangerous on regular streets.

Know Your Vehicle's Limitations

The most important hazard to avoid while off-roading is overworking your vehicle. Off-roading's terrain and unique challenges can work your vehicle and you as the driver. But that is what makes off-roading so fun, the challenge. Unfortunately those same challenges can damage your vehicle if it is overworked. That is why it is important to know your vehicle's limitations, so that you don't damage your vehicle while using it.

But knowing your vehicle's limitations only works if you avoid the hazards that will strain your vehicle. By knowing your vehicle's shortfalls, and avoiding hazards that will expose those shortfalls, you can avoid damaging or overworking your vehicle.

There are many hazards that will present themselves while you are off-roading. But if you are diligent in preparing your vehicle and avoiding those hazards you can enjoy your off-roading trips.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top Tips to Achieve the Maximum Visibility on the Road

Being able to see has always been rather important but when you're hurtling down the motorway at hundreds of miles an hour it becomes more important still. While it might sound fairly obvious that visibility is crucial when you're driving, for many people it is something that doesn't get the attention it deserves and often we end up driving while struggling with fogging, condensation, ice, rain or other obstructions. Here we will look at how to keep your windshield absolutely perfect for seeing through so that when you drive you won't be putting yourself and others at serious risk.

Fogging: First of all you should look at ways to avoid your screen misting up. This is something that many of us will encounter when we're driving and it can be very difficult to counter while we're moving. The first tip then is to pull over when this happens. You might be tempted to say to yourself 'I can still see well enough' or 'it will go away in a moment' - but if you then have an accident you are going to look back on these thoughts and seriously regret them. Better to take five minutes and pull over than to regret the decision not to for the rest of your life.

To solve the issue you need to make sure that the temperature inside the car and specifically on the windshield is not too different from the temperature of the glass outside. One way to do this is by heating up the windshield which you can do by blowing warm air on it, and another is to decrease the temperature of the interior of your car by opening a window. Either way you can ensure that less water settles on the screen so you can see more clearly. To avoid having this happen altogether, look into getting heating for your windscreen and this way it won't get foggy to start with.

Chips and Scratches: A tiny chip or scratch on your windshield may not seem like a distraction, but all it needs to do is to obscure your vision slightly when something is a blip on the horizon, or to distract you momentarily and that will be enough to cause you to have an accident. Make certain then that you repair this damage and that you avoid letting it happen in the first place by parking your car undercover and by avoiding driving too fast on gravel tracks.

Rain and Dirt: Rain and dirt shouldn't be a problem as long as you have your windscreen wipers topped up and ready to go. Make sure you check this then before any journey, and ensure that you have the right level of both water and product so that you don't end up with soap marks. You should also clean your windshield from time to time at home properly with a sponge, and you should make sure that the wipers themselves are in good condition and are pressing firmly against the screen when they operate.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Small Car Misses

A recent article showed a number of small cars that seem to have slowed down in sales. What is the reason?

There could be many but we need to look at some of the obvious ones. One for sure is the way some of these cars are marketed. Or just introduced with a flurry of ads over a short period and the car is then left to fend for itself. If the sales force is not 'sold' on the car in the beginning, then there is a good chance the sales figures projected will miss their target.

Many years ago, you could tell one car from another. Even those manufactured by the same company under a different brand. For example, a Ford from a Mercury, or a Chevy from a Pontiac.

These days they all look alike. There is very little to be able to distinguish one brand from its competitor. Therein may lie the problem.

If your product appears to be the same as the one in the next parking space, what's the big deal? Well, the big deal is this. People still like individuality. There has to be something unique to draw their attention in the first place.

When Toyota introduced the Scion xB, it was a totally different look that grabbed your attention. Maybe even to the point that you either loved the look or hated it. Either way, it was a statement.

With the second generation, it seems somewhat watered down. The uniqueness has faded. It is now more mainstream than before.

Looking at the sales figures, a company should be able to tell if the change was good or not. The challenge comes when it comes time to pen the next generation. Do you lean to the more extreme or try to stay with a more conservative approach and fill it with techno-gimmics you hope will entice more buyers.

The tech stuff can be good, but some, (Ford) are being slammed by those who bought cars with it installed and now hate these intrusions as they tend to take ones focus away from the job at hand.

The bad news for the manufacturer is these people are telling all their friends, who in turn are spreading the word to others in the market. Not what the companies want to hear as they can not reverse the situation.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Points to Keep in Mind While Requesting Auto Transport Quotes

Car transport services are affordable as compared to other options of moving car to distant places, but can be expensive if you commit mistakes. Therefore, avoiding these mistakes while requesting quotes is important to ensure you get affordable rates. Here are some common considerations you need to keep in mind while requesting quote:

Car Transport Carriers

Many people straight off go for enclosed carriers without determining their car shipping requirements. You must check your requirements before choosing trailers as enclosed car carriers are not always the right option. Choosing open car carriers can be much better, if you want to keep car shipping rates low. Enclosed carriers are only used when you need to ship a luxury car. Otherwise, choose open auto carrier. Cost of open car transportation is often 30-50% less than enclosed transportation.

Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery is not always Appropriate

Terminal to terminal car shipping services cost less as compared to door-to-door shipping, but not always. Therefore, you must compare the costs of both car delivery options before selecting. The cost of terminal-to-terminal car delivery increases when you do not pick your car at fixed time and date. The transporter moves it to storage point. The longer it stays there, higher will be the charges. Therefore, you must be sure about your availability to collect your car, if you have preferred terminal-to-terminal car delivery.

Additional Insurance is not Required Always

A number of people believe in getting additional insurance for their car transportation. For additional coverage, the vehicle transport companies charges extra money. However, it is not required always especially when you know it is in safe hands. Professional car transport companies cannot afford to have your car damaged while it is being transported because it badly affects their reputation, which is a huge upset for any company operating in auto moving industry. So, you are not advised to pay extra for getting additional coverage. While all companies operating in U.S industry are required to carry a minimum insurance of $50,000, most of the companies offer more than this. That means, even if the car is damaged during transportation, you can claim enough amount to recover it. However, liability amount depends on the agreed terms and conditions mentioned in the auto-shipping insurance policy.