Saturday, July 14, 2012

How You Could Drive Your Automatic Car Like A Manual One To Increase Speed And Power

Automatic and manual gearboxes are basically engines cut from the same cloth, but definitely not of the same fit. One is XL while the other is XXL, depending on what you are looking at. An automatic car will be easier to drive compared to a manual one, while the manual gearbox will give marginally better performance and fuel economy. With this in regard and the continuous trend of Motor Companies to rob car enthusiasts of activity behind the wheel through more and more development of automatic gearboxes in every other car (including some prime movers), manual transmission lovers have realized they can't beat them; and joining them isn't an option either. They are playing their game and turning tables in their own favour, and you could do it too. This is how:

Increase the revs while holding the gear in one position till you hit the red line, shift into the next and hold it down till you hit the red line, and in the last step do the same till you wring all the power out of the engine. This level of play is called the 'power band,' and it is usually found near the red line. Once you hit it you can then engage the free drive and let the automatic transmission do what it does. Sounds interesting, right? Here is the full detail:

An automatic gear console or lever usually has this type of arrangement: 2, 3, 4, D, N, R and P. When you are not driving, the resting position is "N". When you are driving and need to park for a short while, this is when you engage "P". "R" is for reverse and "D" for drive, which takes care for ninety-eight percent of all driving circumstances. This is however just elementary driving whose teaching is not mine to offer; I am here for hard-core drivers who will whip their cars out of breath, bear the costs of "treating" it and whip it again. If you are driving in "D" and you feel the need for some more acceleration, don't shy away from hitting hard at the throttle. If the revs are too low (thus low pulling power), slide the lever into "4".

If it was formerly running in fifth gear it will then downshift into 4th and the revs will rise causing the engine to pull harder. This leads to more speed and power and if your car is fitted with a turbo, I can only imagine! However nothing will happen if the transmission was in 4th gear, which will require you to slide into "3", increasing the revs till the engine is bursting with power. You can also get down to "2" if there is need for it. Now here is how you do it like a pro: take off with the lever in "2" instead of "D". if you use "D" the engine will shift at mid-revs and it will not have achieved its full power. Engaging "2" means locking it so that the revs go all the way to the red line. At this point power is at its peak, and it's when you then slide into "3". Paddle the accelerator till the red line and slide into "4". Dial up to the red line then you can now engage "D". This is the formula for a perfect drag race with an automatic car. I pray you will do this with a super-charged engine: there will not be a better time to sing "Kumbaya".

Now you have enjoyed yourself, but here is the other side: your engine is thrashed, fuel bills have more than doubled and some of your turbo's components may need replacing, if you did not give it enough time to lubricate properly. Now you know how it's done. To do or not to do is yours to decide.

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